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    Joe Seabridge

    PPC Executive


    My role at Checkd Media has a few different areas to it, each day is different which is why I like my job. I work on Facebook mainly to try and acquire new customers from sports campaigns. I also grow all of our Social Media channels, something that is key to the whole business performing and growing.

    Who inspires you in business? 

    I wouldn't say anyone specifically inspires me in business, however many individuals do for different reasons. Seeing how someone can turn a hobby into a successful business is something that certainly motivates me to do better. The likes of Dave Howarth, Tommy Mallet and most recently Sam Morgan. All three are at the top of their sector innovation wise. Something that certainly inspires me to best the best man and employee possible.

    What has been your biggest achievement in your career? 

    I've been at CheckdMedia since the age of 18 so the progression from a Social Media Apprentice to a PPC Executive as well as many other roles, is something I'm proud of. In my earlier days when tweeting on the social channels, we built up a reputation because my phone contract was with Tesco and I posted a number of screenshots a day. Being given exposure and have a good relationship with a brand such as Tesco's, was massive for us in the early days. At the time they had 300k+ more followers than us.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    In my spare time I like to play Cricket for my hometown club Elworth, standing in a field all day is really fun... I also support Frank Lampard's Derby County so I try to go and watch them as much as possible, having a season ticket when we were last in the Premier League was good. To really relax I like taking my two dogs out and just completely switching off from the world for a couple of hours, until they start rolling around in mud.

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