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    Cory Kelly



    My role as Videographer for Checkd Media can vary from day to day which is what makes it interesting. For the most part I am responsible for the creation of video across all brands which involves planning video shoots, filming the content and then editing it. As the business has expanded I have been given more opportunities to take the lead on bigger projects. We are currently working on a documentary for Altrincham football club so stayed tuned for that! 

    Who inspires you in business?

    He's not exactly a typical business man, but Ben Wheatley is someone who Inspires me in the field I work in. He's a British film director who made his start by making short viral content online and then worked his way up by creating his own short films and finding recognition through that. One thing I admire about him, is the way he goes against the grain and finds his own way to make film and always pushes the envelope. In one of his films, ' A field in England' he wanted it to have a surreal, dreamlike look to it so they cut a narrow hole into a lens cap and then covered that with glass from a kaleidoscope they bought from PoundLand and then stuck that over their lens. It's this sort of innovation that inspires me to think about what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.

    What has been your biggest achievement in your career?

    My biggest achievement of my career was probably having a short film I wrote and directed, play at a number of festivals around the world. As well as this, It got screened at the Odeon in Manchester as part of a horror festival in front of friends and family which was pretty cool.

    What do you do in your spare time? 

    In my spare time, I try to work on my own projects, such as short films and music videos. I try and fail mostly to go to the gym... I also like to watch football and boxing, so that takes up a decent amount of time too.

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