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    CheckdMedia's Favourite Halloween Marketing Campaigns

    News / 31 Oct, 2019
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    Let's creep it real... Halloween can often be saturated by brands jumping on this spooky time of year in order to generate engagement and attention.

    We've whittled it down to some of our favourite stand-out campaigns that have well and truly smashed it... if you've got it haunt it!


    Last year, M&Ms ran an interactive social media campaign in the month leading up to Halloween.

    Every installment led up to two alternative endings, and viewers were asked to vote on their preferred finale. The following week, the story continued, based on the previous week’s winning ending.

    The campaign featured a weekly installment of an ongoing ghost story, promoted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


    In a Halloween campaign titled “Bite Size Horror,” confectionary giant Mars screened a series of four commercials for Skittles, Sunburst, Snickers, and M&Ms, each featuring a mini horror movie.

    Rather than directly promoting the products, the videos engaged the viewer with the brand by creating unforgettably scary stories, ending with a screenshot wishing “Happy Halloween.”


    Candy, costumes, and of course, the obligatory pumpkin carving – Halloween is, and has always been, a special day for children.

    Skoda, however, decided to appeal to the kid inside every adult. Its car commercial juxtaposes a young boy carving a face into an orange pumpkin against the adult version of the boy.

    Except years later, he’s carving a face into an orange….Skoda hood cover. It’s a great example of content designed to appeal to different target audiences.


    Burger King’s ingenious idea combined customer interaction with the clever trolling of rival McDonald’s and its famous clown mascot.

    Burger King offered a free Whopper burger to the first 500 people to visit select Burger King stores dressed as a clown. The campaign was promoted via a creepy clown-filled YouTube video with the hashtag #ScaryClownNight.


    Fanta is repeating its popular campaign featuring seasonal graphics on its packaging along with experiential Halloween kits available at every point of sale (POS).

    This year, the graphics can be scanned to Snapchat, where they unlock Halloween-themed filters.

    The soft drink giant’s Halloween campaign combines physical and digital elements, building on its past success. Last year, Fanta sales grew by 23% at convenience stores during the Halloween period. It just goes to show how powerful content can be when made interactive, and when it includes more traditional marketing activities.

    Halloween Fanta
    Halloween Fanta

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