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    Social Media Management Campaign


    In August, Mansionbet tasked CheckdMedia to manage their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. The partnership has been a success, with a recent campaign extension of six months recently confirmed.


    The combination of MansionBet’s growing credibility within the gambling industry and CheckdMedia’s strategic, consistent and effective social media management has propelled the brand to a position of strong social media presence.

    Our strategy is to continuously build follower numbers by generating reactive, entertaining and engaging general sports knowledge to attract a mass audience.

    As numbers grow, we partner this with an amplification activity. Our amplification process utilises the popularity of our own brands; Footy Accumulators, Oddschanger and The Winners Enclosures to generate widespread exposure for MansionBet. Our brand’s interaction with Mansionbet posts helps to promote the content and consequently build impressions and engagement significantly.

    CheckdMedia’s in-house content team are always on hand to produce high quality branded social content such as GIFS, videos, images and competitions. The team also provides along round the clock responses during live sporting events as well as pushing MansionBet’s Free to Play game continuously throughout the week.

    CheckdMedia consistently communicates with the MansionBet team, often sharing ideas and overcoming obstacles to ensure the MansionBet social platforms are always on brand, engaging and constantly developing.


    In the first month of CheckdMedia’s Social Media Management, MansionBet’s impressions increased by 510% to 6,000,000 and in October we impressively hit 9,110,000 impressions per month.

    MansionBet’s Instagram engagement has also improved significantly, and the Facebook reach increased by 394% with Facebook followers growing organically by 2,291, helping them to hit the 11,000 followers mark.

    Additional Brand Case Studies

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